Heath Satow


Artist CV

히스 사토우 Heath Satow

1987-1991 School of Design, North Carolina State University Graduated with honors with a concentration in sculpture. Received 1991 Faculty Award for Excellence in Design.
1988-1993 Apprenticed under sculptor Thomas Sayre at Clearscapes in Raleigh, North Carolina

Heath Satow was recognized for his “innovative and creative contribution in the field of public art”, with the sculpture Ripple, winning the 2012 Americans for the Arts' Public Art Network Award. With a foundation in both design and art, Satow prefers to work in the public sphere. His work with zoos, airports, museums and other highly trafficked spaces are excellent examples of public art that provides a unified site experience and establishes a sense of place.

Satow works primarily with mirror-polished stainless because of the visual variety it offers daily. As natural light changes, as the colors of the seasons change, even as people's fashion changes, all these permutations are literally reflected in the work. The art is never quite the same from moment to moment. The curved facets of the sculptural surfaces pull apart ourvisual surroundings, distort and re-order themm in unexpected ways, creating a new interpretation of the world we usually tune out and take for granted. Satow's intention with these pieces is to tune us back in.

2017 Anchorage, AK Inflorescence
2015 Tacoma, WA YES
2014 Los Angeles, CA Wish