구자동 Koo Ja Dong


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대구대학교 미술대학 회화과 졸업
상트_페테르부르그 국립미술대학원졸업 및 최고위과정 수료

개인전8회 (서울,대구,상트-페테르부르그)

2009~2005 한국국제아트페어KIAF(COEX,서울, 갤러리소헌&소헌컨템포러리)
2009~2005 화랑미술제Seoul Art Fair(BEXCO,부산, 갤러리소헌&소헌컨템포러리,)
2008 Art Singapore(Suntec, Singapore Lavel4, 갤러리소헌&소헌컨템포러리)
2009~2007 서울오픈아트페어 SOAF(COEX,서울, 갤러리소헌&소헌컨템포러리,청작화랑)
2009~2008,2006한국구상대제전(예술의전당, 한가람미술관)

2009 Thank you so much, For collectors 2009 (갤러리소헌&소헌컨템포러리,대구)
Artist File 2009, Only One! (갤러리소헌&소헌컨템포러리,대구)
Temptation – 유혹에 빠지다(소헌컨템포러리, 대구)
2008 라이프TV방송개국기념초대전 (이형아트센터,서울)
2007 대구구상회화제(대구시민회관)
갖고 싶은 화가들의 그림전(닥터박갤러리.양평)
2006 대한민국청년비엔날레(대구문화예술회관)
봉산썸머아트페어 (봉산문화회관,대구)
우리 안의 우리,안과밖 (갤러리소헌,대구)
한국인물작가회, 포스트모던시대의 인물표정展(갤러리상,서울)
2005 대구구상회화제(대구시민회관)
삶의 향기전(갤러리수,서울)
2004 영남구상회화기수전 (동아인터갤러리,대구)
한국인물작가회초대전 (갤러리라메르,서울)
대한민국 오늘의작가전 (김천문화예술회관)
서양화및조각가22인초대전 (서강대아루페관)
송울진전 (갤러리라메르,울진청소년수련관)
2003 남부현대미술제 (제주문화예술회관)
2002 대구아트엑스포 (대구문화예술회관)
네바레까4인전 (극재미술관,대구)
The Rose전 (갤러리상,서울)
2001 누드32인전 (롯데화랑,서울)
꿈과 서정이 넘치는 작품과의 만남전 (본화랑,서울)
외 다수

구자동 Koo Ja Dong 具滋潼
(b. 1968 ~ born in Daegu, Korea)

Graduated Painting College of Fine Arts Daegu University(BFA), and Graduate School of Saint Petersburg State Academic institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Repin). Solo Exhibition is Gallery Academy in Saint Petersburg, Gallery SOHEON, Korea Representative Painting Festival(Seoul Art Center) in 2000~2006. Group Exhibition and Art fair is Art Singapore 2008, Seoul Art Fair 2004~2009, Seoul Open Art Fair 2007~2009, KIAF 2004~2009 in COEX by Gallery SOHEON and other group shows as Art Star 100 in COEX, Korea Young Artists Biennale in Daegu Culture Arts Center etc. in 2005~9.

Koo Ja-dong is an artist who has made a sudden rise in the figurative art scene. He has already been recognized as an outstanding figurative artist in Korea with his
natural gifts. After completing five years of overseas studies in Russia, the home of realism, Koo has exerted his capabilities to the fullest through his vivid description, stable and harmonious color sensations, and ability to manipulate the canvas. There is something warmhearted that can be sensed in his work. Such warmth stems from the physical conditions such as color and brushwork, but on a more idealistic level, we are unable to exclude some of the typical subjective problems from his work such as interest in and affection for the object. Based on the power of his tremendously thorough description that seems to surpass even photographic representation, Koo’s figure paintings have an exquisite magnetism retaining even the body temperature of the figures. Koo’s work thus demands as a whole a spacious background acting as a space for contemplation. In this space, viewers follow and sympathize with his work and can feel Koo’s painterly maturity. The artist has mastered how to address tones, whether empty or thin, while broadening his pictorial vision. With a standard of excellence higher than anyone else in this description, Koo has made many efforts to disperse the warmhearted sense of humanism.