BAEKJIN 展 - Milky way

Installation View



BAEKJIN _ Milky way series 2018.5.24~6.22

Milky way : abstract paintings of pure and intense color created by his own infinite artistic sensibility

He makes us happy and heart-warming through beautiful and color abstract works. When he looked ‘Milky way’ in the sky in his youth, it was to be seen a gem or shiny little grain of sand. By expressing the infinite universe with his unique pure and intense colors, he wants to tell impression of milky way in the sky he felt. 

From 4 years old, he was grown up with Paints and brushes as a toy. Painting was all about him because he grew up in an artist’s family and influenced by his father’s life and thinking. (His father is Paek young Su, who is famous abstract artist. And his youger brother also artist ‘Baek chul’.)

He won many awards during his high school years, and went to France at the same time as graduating from high school to attend ‘École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts’. In Paris, He studied in his art under the guidance of Olivier Debre, the master of French abstract painting, and was also greatly influenced by the works of Mark Roscoe, an abstract color legend. He performed various activities such as more than 10 times solo-shows and dozens of group shows held in France, Korea, Italy and the United States.
After more than 30 years in France, he has inherited his father, Baek Young-su's studio and used it as his main artlier. And now, he is working between Korea and France.

He asks philosophical questions about where life came from in the vast universe, where I started, and where it all went. he has deep questions about the co-existing relationship between the fabric of the Cosmos and us, and look at the boundaries of life and death, and the human life of enduring the joys and sorrows of life. Through this process, he has an abstract description of the human being in the infinite universe in his work.

In the past, he showed a work that depicts the human form in a vast universe in geometric forms, with a delicate blend of pastels and vivid primary colors. The latest works in this exhibition emphasize simple and concise expressions using only color and face on canvas excluding symbolic geometric shapes. It is still a pure but more mature color that contains a calm universe that is deeper. There are lines of tension in the intense yet calm red colored face, and in the dark blue and blue colored face, which seem to be sucked deep into. The existence of invisible brush touches begins to emerge and these brush touches become the main characters, as if they were alive in the canvas.
As long as you look at the artwork, stop thinking about complicate daily life and just enjoy it with the most innocent mind. Only then can we return to the most innocent " I " and meet his own " Milky Way, " which Baek wants to tell.


작가 특유의 순수하고 강렬한 색면들이 한층 더 깊이 있는 색감을 드러내며 화면 구성을 이루고 있다.보일 듯 보이지 않는 붓 터치들의 존재가 희미하게 드러나기 시작하고 마치 캔버스 위 주인공으로 자리 잡은 듯 보이기도 한다.  제목에서부터 느껴지는 작가 백진의 무한한 예술적 감성을 기대하게 만드는 ‘Milky way’ 시리즈 작품을 2018년 5월 24일부터 6월 22일까지 갤러리소헌&소헌컨템포러리에서 만날 수 있다.