Established in 1991, GALLERY SOHEON was Daegu's premier gallery for asian contemporary arts, as well as in 20th Century Korean modern arts by Modern Masters and Korean contemporary paintings and sculpture. Since the opening exhibition of 1991, GALLERY SOHEON Soheon has shown Korean contemporary art with remarked individuality in the various aspect and payed great attention to dig out hidden talented new emerging YKAs(Young Korean Artists) of contemporary art. As a result we found out some principally good Korean contemporary artists, and also make an effort to introduce and promote them mainly to Singapore, Hongkog, Shanghai and Beijing,Tokyo etc. where has great possibilities of future growth in artistry and promising market in the realm of Asian contemporary arts.

Recently GALLERY SOHEON has expanded views on the distinguished promising Asian contemporary artists of China, Japan,India and south-east asian province such as Indonesia. Nowadays Korean collector's concern about asian contemporary arts is not what it was two or three years ago by virtue of many Korean star artists in the Hongkong Christie´s auction. In Korea international biennale and art fairs have greatly increased and so many galleries have participated in the artfairs such as KIAF, and the artists has shown their artworks to other galleries or in the international biennale from world-wide province.

Now through international exchange exhibitions and international art fair or prominent auction show they have came into the spotlight not only in the ASIA[Hongkong,Singpore,Beijing]but London in Europe and Newyork in USA. All that glitters is not gold, but Korean Contemporary arts are absolutely attractive. Korean contemporary art which keeps up with the times and is anomalous at the same time, and has elegance without falling into formulism has not only the contemporary inclination connotatively but also disposition intimate with personal feelings and affairs in the course of working and the favorable artwork of the result. It has an element of strength which is not standardized as in such a case of China and Japan.

There are so many foreign collectors and auctioneer interested in korean contemporary art, that not only Christie's and Sotheby's in Hong Kong but Phillips de Pury in London may have more proper concern and expectation than before. For korean contemporary art we also try to have proper approval in the contemporary art market so as to put up a good show in the auction of Asian Contemporary Art. And so on GALLERY SOHEON will try to concentrate on making various network through diverse international exhibitions and artfairs, and will make an efforts to make proper progress of korean contemporary art. The gallery has recently expanded and opened another exhibition space SOHEON Contemporary at a second location near to GALLERY SOHEON in the summer of 2007.

Send an E-Mail to (in case of calling both two gallery space "GALLERY SOHEON & SOHEON Contemporary"). Visit the gallery Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm KST.
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